When the instructions are in a bad loop, ask to whom it knows the ropes.

In the time of Charles Babbage , there weren’t a strong knowledge about the relation between the computer hardware architecture and computer science. The computer science was only considered as a child of mathematics and the women were not encouraged to do the researchers .

Augusta Ada King countess of Lovelace

Ada Lovelace Byron (countess of Lovelace), daughter of a brief marriage between the romantic poet Lord Byron and Anne Isabelle Milbanke, spent her time with her mother pursuing botany, geology, astronomy. Since she was  young,  she  studied mathematics and  music and when she was  twelve years old,  she designed a mathematical model of a flying machine (she wrote a book titled  Flylogy). In fact she always dreamed to fly. In the 1833,  when she was seventeen years old,  she  met  Charles Babbage and  she  kept in contact with him by  a long  mail correspondence on the topics of mathematics and logic. In 1834 Babbage made a plan for a new kind of mechanical calculating machine (the analytical engine) and  in 1842 he attended a conference about the machine in Italy  under Alberto di Savoia’s kingdom. Ada was the main translator (from French to English) of this conference and the Babbage’s collaborator in the analytical engine  project. She discovered  the analytical engine could calculate some figures of the Bernoulli  number ,  if  it was well programmed. She was the  first programmer in the computer science  history and the first female pioneer of the computer science  in a male chauvinist society. Every  October 15  in US   is celebrated  the  Ada Lovelace day. This day  remembers  the work of  the women in the field of  Information Technology. The ADA programming language took the name from Ada Lovelace Byron  and  it’s the standard programming  language used  in the  aerospace  industry.

Aerospace Industry

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