Welcome to the blog ICT perspectives . ICT perspectives has been developed by the Engineer Massimo Talia in order to advertise the technologies, industrial research, business and create synergy between new technologies, industrial and technological development. The developer has transformed the blog from a simple personal blog into a Digital Advertising and automatic news distribution portal by the web app “RSS category news aggregator”. The app is showing the lists of news per topic and from the technology RSS channels in english and italian.The engineer Massimo Talia has designed the blog logo and it’s the personal logo of him. It’s made up of 5 parts: an aerial, an handset, a base station receiver, an electromagnetic wave and an at sign. The aerial symbol is the first character of “Talia” surname and the word “Technology”, the aerial with the base station receiver is the first character of the word “Information”, the handset represents the first character of the word “Communication”. The logo as a the whole means: “Talia(webs) Information and Communication Technologies”.The at sign and w inside is the symbol of “at webs”, the diminutive of Taliawebs. The logo’s name is “Aery”. Below the video presentation.

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