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Website Policy

Information about the privacy policies and the use of the web site.

  1. General Information: Taliawebs.com respects the privacy of all the people visiting this web site. We are now informing about the transfered data and their terms of use. The information about the users of this web site'll be stored as accurately as possible in according to Privacy law (DLgs 196/2003).

  2. About the stored and personal data: When you'll visit the pages of the web site, we
    don't store any personal information about you (for example your name and surname, your telephone number, your address, etc.) unless you allow. Our web site policy requires you to accept the general term of use, because the data are automatically stored on third parties servers for administrative, statistical or backup purpose. These data include the name of your internet provider, sometimes your IP address, the supported software by your browser, the operating system of your computer , the links from this web site to the other web sites, sometimes, the key words for searching our web site on the search engines. Anyway, no personal datum will be used to this purpose and all the data are used only when they'll be anonymous. When you'll give your personal data (for example when you spontaneously send your cv/resume), the data are managed in according to italian privacy policy by effect of the Art. 13 of the 675/96 law in order to guarantee confidentiality. You can access to your personal data by effect of the Art. 7 of the DLgs 1962003, you can ask for modifying or deleting or rejecting the usability of the data, sending an email to: massimo.talia@taliawebs.com.

  3. Safety: Taliawebs.com aims to make trusty the sent data by the visitors and protecting them from the loss, abuse or denied modifications. The partners of Taliawebs, making
    use of your data, have the duty of privacy.

  4. About Under age persons: Taliawebs.com doesn't store any personal information about under age people. For this reason Massimo Talia web site has a space for informing the under age persons so that they don't give their personal data. If an under age person give his personal data, a member or tutor of this under age person can contact to the address
    at point 2 or to electronic address at point 5 of the general terms of use, he can ask for deleting every information. Taliawebs.com is ready to delete the stored data as soon as possible.

  5. Deleting personal data, Writing communication to the web site administrator: For every communication and for asking for deleting the personal data in this web site, you can send an email to this email address: massimo.talia@taliawebs.com.

  6. Making use of this web site: It is strictly forbidden reproducing partially or totally for personal use all the contents, the images, the registered logo of this web site. Every information of this web site is property of Massimo Talia and every term of use violation is pursued in according to the law in force.

  7. Applicable law : The present general terms of use are governed by the italian law and they omit the agreement about the contracts for the international sale services. The competent authority in case of controversy from the use of this web site is the court of Reggio Calabria (Italy).